Quebec Cemeteries and Graveyards Inventory

St-Patrick Cemetery (Tingwick)
Tolsta Cemetery (Stornoway)
Tourville R.C. Cemetery
Trenholm United Church Cemetery (Kingsey)
Tring-Jonction Cemetery
Trinité-des-Monts R.C. Cemetery
Trois-Pistoles Cemetery
Shearith Israel Ancient (2e) Cemetery (Trois-Rivières)
St-James Cemetery (Trois-Rivières)
St-Louis R.C. Cemetery (Trois-Rivières)
St-Michel R.C. Cemetery (Trois-Rivières)
United Church Cemetery (Ulverton)
Dunkerley Congregational Cemetery (Ulverton)
Upton R.C. Cemetery
Val-Alain Cemetery
Val-Barrette Cemetery
Val-Brillant R.C. Cemetery
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery (Valcartier)
St-Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Valcartier)
Valcartier R.C. Cemetery
St-Andrew’s United Church Cemetery (Valcartier)
South Ely Baptist Cemetery (Racine)
St-Joseph-d'Ely R.C. Cemetery (Valcourt)
Val-David Cemetery
Val-des-Bois R.C. Cemetery
Val-des-Lacs Cemetery
Val-d'Espoir R.C. Cemetery
MacGillivray Cemetery (Valdor-Lochaber)
St-Sauveur R.C. Cemetery (Val-D'Or)
Vale Perkins Protestant Cemetery
Val-Jalbert old Cemetery
Vallée-Jonction Cemetery
Ste-Cécile R.C. Cemetery (Valleyfield)
Shefford Mountain Cemetery (Saxby Corner)
Val-Morin Cemetery
Val-Paradis R.C. Cemetery
Val-Racine R.C. Cemetery
Val-Senneville R.C. Cemetery
Val-St-Gilles R.C. Cemetery
Varennes R.C. Cemetery
Vassan R.C. Cemetery
St-Michel R.C. Cemetery (Vaudreuil)
Vendée Cemetery
Venise-en-Québec R.C. Cemetery
Verchères Cemetery
Vianney Cemetery
Bois-Francs R.C. Cemetery (Victoriaville)
Frères du Sacré-Coeur Cemetery (Victoriaville)
Sts-Martyrs-Canadiens Cemetery (Victoriaville)
St-Christophe-d'Arthabaska Cemetery
Villebois R.C. Cemetery
Ville-Marie R.C. Cemetery
Villemontel R.C. Cemetery
Villeroy Cemetery
McLarens Cemetery (Wakefield)
Halls Cemetery (Wakefield)
Ivy Hill Cemetery (Waltham)
Waltham R.C. Cemetery
Warden Anglican Cemetery
Warwick R.C. Cemetery
Waswanipi Cemetery
Waterloo R.C. Cemetery
St-Luke Cemetery (Waterloo)
Old Cemetery (Waterville)
Assumption of Virgin Mary R.C. Cemetery (Waterville)
Greenwood (aka Waterville) Cemetery (Waterville)
Lambkin Cemetery (Waterville)
McIntosh Cemetery (Waterville)
St-John-the-Evangelist Anglican Cemetery (Waterville)
Ways Mills Cemetery (Barnston-Ouest)
St-Janvier R.C. Cemetery (Weedon)
St-Mathews United Church Cemetery (Bristol)
Pettes Cemetery (West-Brome)
Sweet Cemetery (West-Brome)
Wickham R.C. Cemetery
Windsor Protestant Cemetery
St-Philippe R.C. Cemetery (Windsor)
St-Augustin-de-Woburn R.C. Cemetery
St-Hippolyte R.C. Cemetery (Wotton)
St-James Anglican Cemetery (Gracefield)
Ste-Anne R.C. Cemetery (Yamachiche)
St-Michel R.C. Cemetery (Yamaska)
Yarm Methodist Cemetery
Natives (Néophytes) ancient Cemetery (Sillery)
Butte aux Sauvages ancient Cemetery (Sillery)
Danville R.C. Cemetery
Castlebar Cemetery (Danville)
Trout Brook Cemetery (Tingwick)
Austin R.C. Cemetery
Brock Memorial Park Cemetery (Glen-Sutton)
Chapel Hill Cemetery (Mansonville)
Mansonville R.C. Cemetery
Elkins Cemetery (Highwater)
Fulford CemeteryLac-Brome
Fulford Cemetery
Gilman Cemetery (Mansonville)
Gilman Cemetery (West-Brome)
Glen Farnham Cemetery (Bromont)
Hillhouse Cemetery (Frost Village)
Holy Trinity Cemetery (South-Bolton)
Iron Hill aka Centre Road Cemetery (Lac-Brome)
Orcutt Family Burying Ground (Mansonville)
Husk Family Pioneer Cemetery (L'Avenir)
Griggs-Steel Pioneer Cemetery (Noyan)
Pike River Protestant Cemetery (Pike River)
Stone Cemetery (St-Ignace-de-Stanbridge)
Campbell Hall Cemetery (Stoneham)
St-James Cemetery (Lac Beauport)
St-Peter's Anglican Cemetery (Stoneham)
Greenlay Cemetery (Windsor)
St-Thomas Anglican Cemetery (Rougemont)
Bethel Weslyan Methodist Cemetery (Béthel)
Davidson Hill Cemetery (Ste-Christine)
Hayes Cemetery (Bromont)
Notre-Dame-de-l'Isle-Verte R.C. Cemetery
Précieux-Sang R.C. Cemetery (Albert Mines)
Ste-Clotilde-de-Beauce Cemetery
Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur-d'Issoudun Cemetery
St-John's-the-Evangelist Cemetery (St-Sylvestre)
Cimetière Ayer's Cliff (United Church) Cemetery
St-Mark's Church Cemetery (Valleyfield)
St-Clément R.C. ancient (1st) Cemetery (Beauharnois)
Trinity Anglican Cemetery (Beauharnois)
Knox United Cemetery (old)
Knox United Cemetery (new)
Bissell Cemetery (Applegrove)
Bodwell Cemetery (Applegrove)
St-Bartholomew's Anglican Churchyard (Bourg-Louis)
Wesleyan Methodist Churchyard (Bourg-Louis)
Pont-Rouge New R.C. Cemetery
Drummond Point Cemetery (Magog)
Hill Cemetery (Georgeville)
Hilltop Cemetery (Fitch Bay)
MacPherson Cemetery (Magoon Point)
Magoon Point Cemetery
McConnell Cemetery (Ste-Catherine-de-Hatley)
Mont Ste-Marie R.C. Cemetery (Stanstead)
Old North Church Cemetery (Hatley)
Oliver Corner Cemetery (Magog)
Rexford-Judd Cemetery (Georgeville)
Sacred-Heart R.C.Cemetery (Stanstead)
Ste-Elisabeth R.C. Cemetery (North Hatley)
Dudswell Center Cemetery (Bishopton)
Marbleton Methodist Cemetery (Marbleton)
Lothrop Cemetery (Bishopton)
Lebel-sur-Quévillon COOP Cemetery
Grace Church Anglican Cemetery (Arundel)
St-Matthews Cemetery (Grenville)
Scotch Road Cemetery (Grenville)
Ste-Victoire Cemetery (Victoriaville)